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Great people make companies great

We efficiently manage multi-country HR transformations and restructurings, navigating the complexities of European labor laws and cultures. Let us enhance your labor relations and social dialogue, while augmenting in-house capacities for diverse people-related projects
About people exponential

Expert solutions in Business, Communication & People

PEX is your go-to source for integrated solutions in transformation & crisis management, strategy applied, and operations & process optimization in the areas of business, communication and people.

Optimally, we combine all three of them in a holistic approach, as we’re convinced that bridging gaps in organizations, teams and between individuals is key to unlocking value.
  • human-centered approach to decision-making
  • solid foundation in business environment
  • experienced change agents
Legal entities transformed in over 10 countries
Average cost savings in optimization projects
Average years of experience
Employees positively impacted by our services
Our way of working

How we operate

Entrepreneurship runs through our veins, ensuring just the right amount of calculated risk to drive progress and innovation. We aim for a high impact via
a tailored and diversified approach, seamlessly blending advice, coaching, training and implementation.

In-depth and tailored expertise is of paramount importance to us. We deliberately operate in small, complementary teams, ensuring deep involvement, continuity and agility in every project.

Moreover, our strength is amplified by our expansive national and international network of industry experts. These partnerships enable us to augment our core team’s capabilities, ensuring we can rapidly scale and enhance our expertise to meet any challenge.

Our Offering

Our areas of expertise

  • business 
  • marketing & communication
  • human resources

Our core strengths

  • strategy applied
  • operations & process optimization
  • change management: restructuring, transformation & crisis
  • social dialogue

Our intervention types

  • consultancy
  • coaching
  • training
  • implementation support

Our Approach

  • Step 1 - information: analysis to provide context
  • Step 2 - decision: strategy applied to set objectives
  • Step 3 - responsibility: process focus to involve stakeholders
  • Step 4 - action: operational excellence to reach milestones
  • Step 5 - reflection: insights to grow


  • Business strategy
  • Business process Modelling and Driver analysis
  • Operations management
  • Crisis management
  • Transformation initiatives
  • Due diligence
  • Mergers and Acquisitions


  • HR audits
  • Effective HR strategy, tactics, and processes
  • Executive accompaniment
  • Transition coaching
  • Team & employee coaching
  • Onboarding & offboarding approach


  • Communcation and information strategy
  • Competitive brand and communication analysis
  • Search listening analysis
  • Governance structure
  • Social Relations Management
  • Media channel strategy
  • Mission, vision, and values


  • Dashboarding and visualization
  • Web analytics: KPI selection and analysis
  • Custom optimization solver design & development
  • Planning software integration
  • Mathematical programming


  • Finance for non-finance
  • Building business cases
  • Do's and dont's of mediation
  • Social dialogue 2.0
  • Business, web, and people analytics fundamentals
  • OKR & business modelling
  • Aligning business strategy with marking & communication efforts
Our team

meet our crew

Georges Vandenhove

Georges Vandenhove

Founding partner
Senior expert in transformation, crisis & social dialogue
Georges Vandenhove has over 25 years of business experience.

Prior to joining the People Exponential Network as partner, Georges held several senior positions including general management and CHRO. 

With over 150 mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, reorganizations, growth programs in several different countries he is a true change and transformation expert focusing on results through engaged and motivated people.

His ability to couple strategic insight and strong operational execution in engaging with leaders and  teams are his true strengths.
Kimley Briesen

Kimley Briesen

Founding partner
Senior expert in strategy, applied transformation & communication
Prior to her role as a partner at People Exponential, Kimley dedicated 15 years to business and communication, with a decade served as managing director of We Are Digital in Leuven.

During her time with WAD, Kimley specialized in tailoring business, communication and HR strategy to the internal and external needs of organizations, through the art of data analysis and storytelling.

As a strategist and analyst she guided more than 80 small, big, national and international companies towards an impactful marriage between business, people and communication. ​
Reginald Dewil

Reginald Dewil

Founding partner
Senior expert in operations, process & research
Reginald Dewil has over 14 years of research and consulting experience for large corporate as well as SME enterprises.

​Before becoming a partner at People Exponential, he was active in R&D of optimization algorithms and solver implementation.

He tackled challenging decision problems in laser cutting and sheet metal bending process planning, human robot collaborative work cell scheduling, vehicle routing, waste collection, satellite scheduling, production planning and network design.

Reginald has a PhD in Engineering Science, a Master’s Degree in Industrial Management, and a Master’s Degree in Engineering Technology and certifications in Quick Response Manufacturing and Smart Contracts. ​
Sarah Sorton

Sarah Sorton

Senior expert in employment policies and mediation
Sarah has 10 years of experience in human resources.  She worked for the Belgian federal government to install optimal employment conditions.

She excels in drafting and implementing policies, processes and manuals concerning telework, absenteeism, flexible working hours, development circles,...

In this context, she has built up extensive experience in negotiating (with social partners) and mediation, as well as in facilitating workshops and trainings related to organizational culture.

Lies Minschart

Senior expert in tailored accompaniment
Before joining the People Exponential team, Lies built a dynamic experience in the healthcare sector.

As a licensed nurse she spearheaded initiatives to enhance patient care in oncology in hospital settings. Moving forward she applied her paramedical expertise in collaboration with various companies.

 She played a pivotal role as a Medical Advisor, providing strategic insights and guidance in the medical sector for more then 15 years.

 Driven by a passion for efficient and compassionate care she ventured in 2021 into founding a thriving private practice, providing invaluable support to those navigating loss.